ONE FOUR highlights contemporary art representing emerging and well-established international and local artists. Currently four artists are represented by ONE FOUR. They photograph, paint and design expanding the definition of its medium.

INA JANG (b. 1982) The artist uses photography as a primary medium, painting and sculpting as the secondary. She explores the art of photography in an unconventional manner which brought attention to the PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch . Ina currently works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.


CHRISTOPHER KUHN (b. 1977) Based in Los Angeles, California, Kuhn expresses the complexity of contemporary painting with layers of oil and acrylic juxtaposing negative space in drips of colors thoughtfully scattered on canvas and linen. A graduate of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the artist has previously exhibited in notable galleries in France, New York and London.


LIAM STEVENS (b. 1985) An artist and a designer, Liam creates minimal drawings, paintings and collages that are composed with measured calculation. Natural wash of gouache exhibit subtle yet matured texture while sharp edges of squares bring contrast. He works and lives in London, UK


YUKI YAMAZAKI (b. 1995) A contemporary photographer based in Kyoto, Japan, the artist explores the current and past living through the lens of aerial view. The perspective of present is disturbed yet blended harmoniously with layers of texture. Yamazaki questions how the use of visual language- an image- is translated in our everyday living that is in continuation of the past.