Heewon Oh

Heewon Oh (born 1986) first graduated from Hongik University in BFA Painting and finished MFA Fine Arts at Seoul University of Science and Technology. She has been working and exhibiting a series of ‘Blind Site’ since 2011 that reflects a critical idea of an empty art space and its surroundings. In 2014 Heewon presented a first solo exhibition ‘White Void’ at Factory Gallery and participated in various selected group exhibitions including ‘8 Works: Collections of the Artists’, ‘Polar Night’ and ‘The Scrap’.

Oh's Works reflects optical, geometric and meteorological worldviews in painting. Oh Heewon assumes that the plane of painting is a space where sedimentation and weathering take place. Using the acrylic paint and water-based mediums, she attempts to capture different elements and natural conditions of the world such as water, the atmosphere, lights and minerals. By stratifying these elements on a canvas or ‘the plane’ the artist hopes to reveal more discrete correlations of the material world.