Samuel Zeller

Geneva based artist Samuel Zeller (b. 1990) approach his subjects as a well-defined collection of elements he sort, order, remove and compose with. Influenced by his previous career in design and by his artist parents his work is often very disciplined. The rules and principles he created through the years are directing his compositions but that's his sensitivity that has the last say. Blurring the lines between photography and painting he makes us wonder about reality. It is for him is a therapy, a perpetual quest for contemplative moments to counter accelerating rhythm of our modern society.

Personal project started in 2015 was noticed by editor Hoxton Mini Press in early 2016 and was published in April 2018 under the title 'Botanical', with an introduction by Rachel Segal Hamilton. Book contains 100 color photographs. All 3000 copies sold out in nine months after the first release. Zeller captures the strange beauty of exotic plants seen through the dappled glass of greenhouses.