Sunyoung Hwang

Hwang’s paintings are not intended to be read as recognisable, figurative elements as they do not directly depict anything. Instead, they can be described as a physical manifestation of the unconscious, incoherent flow of metaphorically internalised thoughts, emotions, memories, impressions, and as an attempt to uncover their invisible accumulation that is implicit in, or exists beneath or between layers of what is perceptible.

Exploring physical and psychological layering with an intuitive approach to painting, Hwang overlaps multitudinous layers of different times and spaces, tempos and rhythms, gestures and functions, temperatures and emotions without preliminary sketches, drawings, or photographic references. As the entire process of painting happens only on the canvas, each painting has its own sense of the passage of time, and there comes a time when it seems to reach the end spontaneously. This is when seeing the invisible, touching the impalpable, or hearing silence are made possible through the tangibility of paint on canvas.

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