Taher Jaoui

2007 Paris-Sorbonne University

2018 Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2017 Galerie la Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris, France
2016 ‘Masques Simulacres’, Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘Métamorphoses’ Collage Solo Show, Gallerie les Insolites, Tangier, Morocco
2015 ‘Simulacrum Collage Solo Collages’, Atelier Milana Smokvine, Rijeka, Croatia
2014 ‘Cause & Effect’, BetaHaus, Berlin, Germany

2018 Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2018 Psychedelic Robot, Bivins Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
2018 Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, USA
2018 AAF art fair, Azart Gallery, New York, USA
2018 CONTEXT Miami art Fair, USA
2018 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2017 EMERGEAST Auction IV, Dubai, UAE
2017 Bardo, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 ‘50 Contemporary Artists’, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin, Germany
2017 ‘Marveloues’, Sebatopol Center of Arts, California, USA
2016 Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 ‘Dada 100 years after’, Agora Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 Affordable Art Fair Milan, Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2016 ‘Let me be your Hero’, Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘GlueHeads #3’, Hochparterre Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Minimal Collagen’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘30 Days around the World’, Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Studio 74, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover’, Maison de l’image, Tunis, Tunisia
2015 ‘Artists from Berlin’, Chef d’oeuvre, Tokyo, Japan
2015 ‘Black and White’, Ethnik Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘GlueHeads #2’, Argh Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015 ‘Finders Keepers’, Art Share, LA, USA
2015 ‘GlueHeads #1’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Mini-prints’, Heiki Arndt DK Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Colagistas Festival’, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 ‘Duality’, Espacio Gallery, London, UK
2014 ‘Mixed Medias’, Pop-up Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014 Collaboration with Arthouse perfumery, Folies à plusieurs, Berlin, Germany